clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Monday, April 1, 2013

Les Fleurs du Mal

Charles Baudelaire (1821 - 67) wrote The Flowers of Evil. French majors drool all over it. I tried to drool all over some French majors with mixed results.

It seemed a good time to mention foul blooms for these at left are the first of the season for me. For scale, they're an inch high.

Snow squalls tonight. Just some "spring snow." I still have my snow stakes in and won't take them out until tax day. The fire is going. The wind is blowing. I'm contemplating a return to hibernation.

I had to write however and say I've finished an edit that has been dragging on. I now need to stitch a new beginning onto the piece before putting it back on ice. I will write no fewer than three sentences toward that effort when I finish here. I might only write the three, but I'll write something.

The flower theme is because a friend has a new book coming out. I'm very much looking forward to attending one of her signings. I don't often have people I know with new books. I know a lot of writers but there are only one or two books a year from the lot of them. It's a great deal of work.

SO, I'm asking everyone to run to the local bookseller and ask for a copy of The Begonia Bribe from Alyse Carlson ( aka watery tart over on the right hand side). You local will order it and someone will see how wonderful the premise is and then ... it becomes a staff pick. Murder surrounding a Little Miss Begonia Pageant?  Of course!

A lovely blurb is here.

We know these blooms, these flowers of evil. We love them all the more for their foul intent. We like the things most which are bad for us, like French majors.

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