clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Janet Reid had a little of the standard drill this morning : show us your desk.

It made me think of Aardman Animation's "Creature Comforts" (sigh, youtube here ). Try the 4:12 mark about space. Mind you, I deplore videos, links to videos, people who suggest I watch a video, instructional videos, and cat videos in particular.

I'm a dog person. I'm not anti-cat, I'm pro-dog.

We have a cat. It adores me. It sleeps with me. It makes the house smells like cat in all the little corners by leaving various bits of cat fur about the baseboards to build up until the cleaning ladies notice it. Then it does it again. It must work. We have few mice and I am surrounded by woods and meadows.

Anyway, this is my desk at about 7:10 local this morning.

My HP laptop has a small cooling issue (cat hair, I suspect) and so a can of chemical duster is nearby. That is not a chemical intoxicant in aerosol form. Oh - that's an O.E.D. in the background. Marvelous things, the O.E.D. The case is really sturdy so it will support all manner of props. I recommend a set for every writer.

They're also full of great words you cannot use because if you do everyone assumes you pulled it from your O.E.D. at random and shifted your sentence structure to accommodate it. They'd probably be right. Except about the shifting of the sentence structure. That part was blind luck.

Oh - a metal shaded light is critical, too. Those buttons you get as minor awards at writer's conferences for doing things can just stick right on the shades magnetically, then. Saves the finish on the fridge and then you don't have to explain to friends who are over (and in your fridge after your beer - or the last limonata Pellegrino if they too are writers) that the button was an "award" for doing something at a conference. You won't get the "you poor poor delusional thing" look then. Better to keep them in your library on your desk lamp right from the get go.

So, in the vernacular I've shown mine. What does your writing area look like these days ? (The link to Janet Reid is at the top of the list at right .... above Miss Snark. No, I didn't mean anything by that. It's happenstance, really. Spatial association implies nothing. Don't talk about it. We don't need to be ticketed for nitwittery around here. Or fed to sharks.)

ONE LAST NOTE - I've visited a good many blogs of some delightful writers this week. Blogspot hates me and won't accept even my most innocent comment. I think blogspot hates blogger and from what I understand, the inverse also holds true. I'm sorry. I try to comment once and then, de nada. I'll switch to a blog fueled by the Django framework one day soon and maybe all will be right with the world.


Hart Johnson said...

Your space is considerably cleaner than mine. I really need a filing cabinet specifically for my writing... I have stacks everywhere... a different stack for each novel, then a few stacks for personal stuff--taxes, an estate I am executing (is that what the executor does? I think that's right--just pronounced differently than if I was cutting of its head) Anyway... it's a good thing there is a room sized nook in the basement for me to spread out.

jack welling said...

I had to break down and invest in a real filing system to keep the in-process separate from the awaiting-revision from the odds-and-ends.... Why does this occupation generate hundreds of scraps of paper that seem essential when we start a story but useless by the time we only a few pages into it ?

Oh - and the bloody credit card receipts. I throw 'em all out now and just photocopy and annotate the Amex bill.

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