clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Real World Intrusion and MORE WRITING

Sunday. In the shop. Doing "activities other than writing" which in this case means those things which pay the bills.

The only problem with January is that the dreaded infrastructure changes that needed to be completed during the holidays creep over into the month and managed chaos becomes unmanaged chaos. The above is what three concurrent deliverables in various stages of delivery look like to the innocent eye.

There is a small intrusion of writing in the left hand corner : Beowulf. It's a reminder to remember an especially lively essay of thirty years ago that covered a horrendously dry subject with wit and a bright tone. The writing itself improved the tired and unimaginative conclusions. It doesn't have any business being in my task office at work; but, there it is. I'm sure it makes the young staff wonder what the old man is up to with "Beowulf" written on the wall. They probably think I'm a fan of the motion-capture movie.

I'm not writing enough. There - I said it. I'm not writing enough.

I'm in my library most evenings now from 7:30 until 10 PM but I'm not strictly heads down crafting prose. [ Winter hours. I sleep more in winter so earlier to bed at 10 PM].

If I'm not writing well in the evening (which I haven't been for nearly a month - I've been writing garbage and avoiding writing more garbage) then it is time to try some morning writing.

I'm going to write more and I'm going to do a better job at crafting the text I do write. I'm not happy and sneaking around avoiding the issue doesn't make it better. If the Bullshitmeter light flashes, then it is time to do better and not just acknowledge the alarm.

I'm going to try a couple hours in the morning before departure for the shop. I'm curious, are most of us morning writers or evening writers ? Just wondering.

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