clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Friday, April 24, 2015

Little Chocolate Donuts

At left, a wonderful picture by Evan-Amos posted on wikicommons and provided for our use for just the price of attribution. Awfully nice and what a wonderful picture.

The donut is from Dunkin' Donuts purchased somewhere in America.

My wife is all a-titter over Bruce Jenner.

I should say that we fired out TV years ago now and are usually unmoved by popular culture - outside of murder and corruption.

For example: I was delighted at the sentencing of  former Egyptian president Mr. Morsi. I'll be surprised if he survives the sentence.

I'm not opposed to revolutionaries who overthrow strongmen. I'm against stupid revolutionaries who don't respect what they've done.

Pick up a snake and we all say "wow - impressive." When it bites you and you die, we all say say "moron." 

If you assume power after the removal of a renown strongman, kill him and co-opt his thugs into working for you. Don't be stupid and think we can all live together under the same roof afterwards as if nothing happened.

Anyway, frau bear is all as titer over Bruce's interview tonight (I'll probably be trying flies in my library).

My only position on Bruce Jenner is that he made possible Belushi's famous SNL television commercial for "little chocolate donuts" which pretty much the highlight of my expectations for athletes.

I keep waiting for Lance Armstrong to become the spokesman for a strength-training dietary supplement. "Go with your strengths."

We've all been to high school. Running fast is hardly a qualifier for "having anything of value to say."

Thanks, Bruce.

[ You should search for "little chocolate donuts." I found it on You Tube but I cannot discern if NBC is allowing it in the public domain. Seems odd for them to allow content to be posted for free. Thus, I'll neither embed nor provide the link but you - internet consumer - can certainly go and watch the video. Wonderful stuff.]

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