clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Writer's Day

I had a writer's day today which is to say that the items I accomplished of importance are almost unnoticeable in comparison to the menial material tasks I completed.

At left, William Faulkner signature. It, at least, is in the public domain.

I worked on a new novel today making good progress. I ate a good breakfast in a new cafe in my little town. I bought new mantles for a lantern. I obtained the requisite brand of dog food for Louis. I drank coffee and furthered a story solving the "put off until tomorrow" sort of problems we writers too seldom put off until tomorrow.

I'm on a draft. I'm telling myself the story. I'm having fun doing so.

If you are not having fun with your first draft, you're writing for the wrong beast. I recently read a post by John Scalzi which outlines a novel he was writing under deadline last fall where he had to scrap the draft and write a new one at 2500 words a day. He's pleased it is doing well.

I'm surprised it is doing well.

I'm not a professional writer. I wanted to be back in my youth; but, I found better ways to make money and so I did. I've done just fine. Everyone could spend more; but, I've earned all I need.

Scalzi is a professional writer. he makes his living - schools his kids, feeds the family - by pen work. That's a burden most of us don't have.

Enjoy the lack of burden. Write with some abandon and see what happens. The best thing a writer can do is write. The best motivation - shot of a shotgun - is fun. Have some fun. There are enough parts that are not fun (line editing. Ick.) that at least in draft mode, let something happen.

So, having a blast despite sleet and hints of snow.

The foxhound is softly snowing. The wood isn't completely stacked. My laundry isn't done. I haven't attacked mouse issue that I heard last night at three (mouse in walls ..despite mouse removal agent 1 & 2 alert and armed).

There are things to do. The story however is coming along just fine.

Is there ever a better outcome for an investment of time?

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