clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Thursday, November 13, 2014

I'm So Confused

The grand Bouchercon has begun out on the West Coast.

I'm a little envious as I wanted to go - book in hand. Of course, I'm at home at the desk crafting said book. Actually, three downrange from said book. Hey, this one has a chance.

So, I look at the schedule and events and all the fun authors doing fun author stuff. I walk the foxhound in the snow while thinking about the scene I'm not writing tonight.

I return to look at the events again. I find the following:

"Author Speed Dating Hosted by Smith & Wesson 
Enjoy a continental breakfast along with tableside pitches from as many as 50 authors. Promenade 104 A-B-C"

I don't understand who is spending time with whom. I suspect the readers are being pitched by authors on their newest editions. I think. I really don't know.

I do love breakfast. Being pitched or pitching over breakfast? Not my ... giant pile of waffles. 

I can't figure out one event. I think I'm not quite right for Bouchercon. I'd need a guide. 

I'd also need the will to introduce myself to strangers. 

Better perhaps to stay in the library tonight.

Waffles. Waffles! 

Maybe I'll write through until breakfast.


Elizabeth Spann Craig/Riley Adams said...

Oh gosh, Malice Domestic conference had that, too (haven't been there for 5 years, but they had it at the time). I was too shy to participate, but I enjoyed the breakfast and pretended to be a reader. :) I was called out, though, by two of the authors while doing their pitches. But it looked really stressful to me and I wasn't sorry I only ate the breakfast. I ended up with lots of bookmarks...

Hope the writing went well last night!

jack welling said...

Called out?! Those dogs!

Bookmarks. Hmmm.

I'm leaning towards book cover postcards. I miss postcards.