clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Monday, October 13, 2014

The Right Fishing Partner

At left, black bear.

I'm going on a fall trout outing this weekend and will see some of these fellows. The river I am fishing has a dam downstream which keeps the salmon from running the river so I won't see too many of these fellows. I will see some.

It's going to pour here all week. Sounds like bad news but is actually great for my chances of catching bigger fish. Trout can't see as well when rain pounds the surface of the water and yes, I am in the river when rain pounds it. I'm wearing waders so why not?

I have a mound of trout streamers here on my desk. I'm keeping them next to a pot of Sailor Jentle ink, the charger for my camera, a headlanp, and half a packet of beef jerky. Your desk probably looks the same.

I'm getting ready to write a big payoff scene tonight in a story I'm been pounding out.  The story has a confessional bit.

There is a witticism about confession and the soul. I can't quite recall the piece. All I can remember is that a soul tastes better with gravy.

Maybe I've been around the wrong crowd too much.

You see my fishing partner.

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