clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Saturday, September 20, 2014


At left, a raven. I don't know what to say about the cactus but it was a free picture from Morguefile so I'm grateful.

I received a reminder from the MWA today that my pro-rated dues are due (associate membership meaning : not professionally qualified).

It's a good rate at $50 but then, I could subscribe to a couple more magazines for that.

I wanted to qualify for MWA this year professionally but now I'm trying just to have a good story out on submission by Christmas. I've something new I like and so I'm working it up.

I'm all for professional associations; but, this year I'm going to pass on MWA until I can be "professional."  I don't feel the offset from last year's membership fees I paid.

So, cry on raven for you do not call to me.


Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

I am, sadly, a drop-out from all of the professional organizations I was in. Didn't see the benefits. could go to Bouchercon in 2015? That particular industry-related cost might be worth it...still trying to assess. It's in Raleigh next year and it sounds as if maybe business takes you in this direction sometimes?

jack welling said...

Great idea. I've always pegged Bouchercon. As a fan place...though I'm a fan, too.

I have a pair of black-and-white wing tips I bought just to wear to conferences. Stupid motivation tool, but I thought they might give me confidence. ( Al Green fan, too).

I can hide on the edges of the bar if I am wearing black-and-whites. Pretty much have to shake hands and say "damn glad to meet you."

Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

Yeah, I hide at conferences, too. I slip out of the room for speakers and food (and beverages, of course) and then slip back in. Unless I have a signing or a panel, myself. The introversion seems to get worse as I get older! If I go to Bouchercon I might not stay there overnight...might just make that 3.5 hour trip home Saturday. But it still might be interesting for me. Especially as a fan.