clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Friday, September 19, 2014

Below the Surface

Elizabeth Spann Craig has a great piece on her blog today about pre-writing. You can read it here.

I was thinking about the preparation phase of writing a story. I'd like to say that after I get my - ducks - in a row that all is easy.

It isn't.

I struggle my way through every choice because writing is, after all, a series of choices.

The appositive? Keep or drop? The extra word in a compound modifier? Will me reader understand if I let it fall? The twist? Always the twist. Does the story's end make the beginning work? Does the beginning make the ending work?

You get the idea.

The whole business is duck-on-water. There is some frantic paddling going on right out of sight of the reader.

So, is the beginning the hard part? I'd like to say so but for me, "the story" is the hard part. The whole damn thing.

Work I want to show someone doesn't come easily.

Why do I do it?

I am unable not to do it. That's ultimately how it comes about. I am unable to not do it.

Doing it well - that's the product of habit, devotion, study, effort, and discipline. Those things I blow off with all too much frequency.

Writing - even badly composed notes about stories? I cannot stop.

It's a type of mental illness. If you have it, then you have my sympathy.

Go get some therapy. Write something.

And keep paddling else you'll sink.

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