clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Tin House

Picture a tin roofed house. We'd call this a "summer house" where I come from. No fireplace, you see. It's probably situated where it catches the breeze in the evening and is small and light to cool down quickly once the sun goes down.

Big Victorian ranch houses catch the heat and keep it tight like suspicious dogs. In the deep summer, it is nice to get away from such a hot box so these little shacks are nice. This one looks to have a bathroom in the back. Probably has a large salvaged tub from some older farmstead ready to fill with cool water.

This place probably looked decent a decade or two ago.

Anyway, Tin House. I've enjoyed my Tin House The Writer's Notebook I and II. The essays are very approachable and I find myself re-reading them from time to time.

You can order them here. I'm not affiliated with Tin House and get nothing from the sale except the knowledge that the essays on writing are worth a damn.

Hope your house is cool in the evenings and the prose flows well. I hope the rain lulls you to sleep on your own tin roof.

Oh. Tar the seams every other year. Rain is nice - on the outside.

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