clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Monday, August 4, 2014

Time and Tide

Some boats even the tide cannot help set free. At that point, move on.

In every draft there are things that are not working. They clog up the works.

We try a couple re-writes and sometimes it gets better. Often not.

I speak here of the parts that are rough, abrupt, out of phase, ill fitting, or that you the write just bloody well do not like.

It happens.

Move on.

There is so much to do that scraping and chipping and welding in a new plate and seaming it with 5200 just isn't going to do the job right now.  You might well be trying to patch a hull that's been beached too long.

It doesn't mean you are out of the sailor business. It means this hull may not be seas-worthy from your efforts right now and - in time - may not prove sea-worthy at all.

Take it in stride. Make a good effort and move on. There are other parts that will respond to your attention.

Next draft, you may be able to patch this section that right now is ugly. It's a draft.

We all want a single effort perfect single-draft.

Not going to happen.

Let it go for now. Get on with the work at hand. When you've let the work season, you'll come back and decide that the tone is obtuse or the character roles need reversed or some other writerly trick will cure all ills. For now, hit and move.

The wallowing doesn't help. Trust me.

Make a pass at it. Unsatisfied? Allow yourself one more good effort and if it isn't working, flag it and move along.

Progress comes from movement. Efficiency comes from practice as you become surer and stronger in your technique.

You cannot go couch today, marathon tomorrow. You can do some work and have a pretty good chance as a solid mile in a couple of weeks. Take what comes.

Hit and move. Don't let the wallowing get to you. It doesn't help and annoys the others at the dock.

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