clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

In the rain

Above, a Lamy studio fountain pen as photographed by Gamalkik in the wikicommons.

I'm using one of these and find it just fine for creating those longhand chapters that see their first revision upon typing them into Scrivener.

I enjoy the tactile effect of the nib on page and the deposition of the ink frees me to think more of the characters and story than the mechanics of the typing.

I am not a touch typist.

So, more rain today in what has to be the wettest thirty days of summer in these part. It has made the woods especially lush.

I'm fortunate to live where we rarely close the house for air conditioning. Summers are lovely here. The rain, the wind, their sounds in the leaves, make the summer seem more full. It is a soundtrack that I like best when writing a draft.

See if you can't work a little tonight where you hear the wind. I'll understand in the case what you hear outside in the evening is the drone of mosquitoes. They're especially bad here this year too.

Ink to page, ink to page.

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