clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Call for the Crow

At left, a crow. I like the picture. Morguefile, of course.

I have a character who is a crow. He isn't a killer. He's a problem solver and sometimes those problems are bodies. Sometimes they're dead.

Anyway, he's an interesting sort of fellow. I always picture Max Von Sydow  in Three Days of the Condor though that character was too much the killer for my particular casting.

There are some characters that seem to stay with me. There's a driver from a story I wrote thirty years ago i remember clear as a bell today. He was just "a driver" in the story that the protagonist encounters at the counter of a truck stop. He's trying to pay but the waitress at the register can't read the other waitress' handwriting.

She won't listen to "the driver" about what he had. My protagonist just orders a coffee as a result.

I'm going to pull some old work out here this winter. I need to see what I saw back then.

Any advice on re-visiting old work?


Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

Be prepared to be amazed at how good it is! I know we think that our recent stuff is so much better than our older stuff (and it is), but the old stuff is usually so much better than we remember it to be. And enjoy!

jack welling said...

I'm prepared for the "vague conflict" syndrome.

I don't think I stuck my characters in enough peril or risk.

Isn't that the way it starts?