clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Telling the Truth

At let, a Bertucci field watch that's proven to be a solid performer this year. Keeps me from wearing my heavy hardware in the field now that it has passed to the league of "classic."

It's high time to tell the truth: so, a non-fiction project.

There are a lot of ways to break into the fiction game and its taken me a good part of the last decade to get comfortable with the type of writing I now do.

 In my youth, I had some success with a different style of commercial writing than I favor now. The fact that previous writing is a bit beyond vogue has only a little to do with my motivation.

Anyway, I'm quite happy with some of my rural noir but I've a double murder story right now that is a bear. I'm having some difficulty driving it along as I'd like, so I'm taking a break.


I've done a bunch of non-fiction for various projects over the years. Some public domain, some private. I've a knack for organizing complex information into digestible bits. That's probably because I can only manage the information in digestible bits.

I'm writing about trout.

I'll talk a little in the next posts as I grind through this project. The whole business is a little like having answers in the back of the book for a fiction project. get stuck, flip to the back for the answer. Simple.

I've the outline and production schedule set pretty firmly for when it needs to go to editing. I do have to master some preliminary illustrations and get them to the professional illustrators pretty quick. They'll be time writing and time at the boards doing line drawings.

It is nice to have something a little more in my bailiwick than the daughter of a priest, a dead husband, and a Methodist minister strangled in a meadow. Ok, so there's the kid at the low-water bridge. Three murders.

See my problems? Can't even keep the body count straight.

There are things I know really well, and things I just know.

Sort of like the time.

Bertucci. Built like tanks.

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