clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Not Quite Like the Real Thing

At left, close-up of strawberry by the US Department of Agriculture courtesy wikicommons. Public domain image. Scott Bauer, photographer.

The image at left isn't a strawberry. It has as much resemblance to a real strawberry as the milkshake I just consumed.

Oh, they had some resemblance to  actual strawberries. The have an appearance related to strawberries. Neither is a functional facsimile.

Scott's picture at least refrains from leaving a vaguely "chemical"  taste lingering on one's tongue. Yes, I did drink the whole thing.

We've all read these stories where something seemed to be in the print, the characters, the plot, the conflict. In the end, there wasn't much there of what we expected.

I'm fixing some of those bits in an story I wrote a decade past. It's found its way into my current WIP as it fits, and I learned what didn't work properly way back then.

There's no substitute for some things. A "complete" story is one of those.

Farmer's Market. Saturday morning. Go there.

They won't have strawberries but they'll have something else just as delicious.

You'll know the thing from its image.

You'll know the genuine article by ... taste.

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