clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Friday, June 19, 2015


I planned to go to Nashville this year for Killer Nashville.

I'm not going. I'm going to eat the registration and just go about my business.

 The solution is to solve problems instead of discussing problems.

Writing drives solutions.  Polished words for submission are the only yardstick of merit. The rest? Posturing.

Write, finish, submit.

Am I up at 4 AM to write? Well, how hard can I be trying? A conference doesn't change that lack of effort. Success comes possibly by the door of effort. Possibly.

 It doesn't come from any other door at all.

I've life experiences for for all the literature I can craft. Publishing - and I mean traditional publishing only - means crafting with sufficient style, poise, and evident skill so that someone else will trade dollars for words.

I've no words to trade.

First, write well. Second, write to finish.

The rest is immaterial before I have solid product.

My guiding logic - when it matters - is "victory or death."

To that end, I share my favorite word.


There is work to do and clearly I need to be doing it.

Stories do not write themselves.

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