clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Happy Midsommar

I'm not Swedish but my daughter-in-law is. There's enough murder from Sweden in the recent wave of crime novels to make it of special note. [ Photo from Markus Bernet in 2009. Thanks for the loan from wikicommons, Markus. He has contributed many wonderful images. Lovely camera work, really. First rate. A collection is : here.]

Nothing like finding a body under a may pole.

Why am I excited? Because we're about as far from snow as we get around here. After last winter, that's enough reason to rejoice for me.

Bonfire this week. Roast weenies. S'mores.

Have some summer.

Blueberries and ice cream. Together, Separately. Get some on you and wear it around. Smile.

It's summer.

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