clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Thank You All

I want to thank you all for your reading and comments over the last year.

My little blog has served me well as a training ground for an e-hermit.

I'm not a social media guy.

I miss the days when the gutters of New York ran with blood and journalists had their apartments dynamited in Chicago. Today, I have piles of teddy bears along the road where a woman flipped her SUV while she was texting.

My world view is a darker perspective. I'm not noir. I'm the nightly news without the happy cat-in-a-dumpster story.

The perp walk. Shot while evading arrest (nineteen times). Fell down an elevator shaft onto some bullets. Accidental drowning in a dry bathtub. Mistook rat poison for sugar.They've got plenty, they'll never miss one. Rattlesnake in the mailbox. Error in the pricing system. Hit and run. Bastard had it commin'.

When you see the neighbor put in a new rose bed and at the end of the lane there's a poster for a lost dog stapled to the telephone pole, you know what I'd be thinking.

The evil that men do is constant and all around you. I'm going to open your eyes. That's my mission when I come back.

It isn't that I don't trust my fellow man. (I don't). It isn't that I don't think his heart is full of love (it isn't). It isn't that I see a priest and don't think about him buggering little boys (I do).

It's that I find the game-above-the-game more interesting.The lie - polite and clean - makes it all the worse. better the died in the wool natural born killer than a senator in a suit.

Joker said it: all it takes is a little push and gravity takes over from there.

You have a public fight with your sister. the next day she's found dead in her home hit on the head with a poker from the fireplace. It's quick. It's clean. They're no prints.

The cops talk to you. You're a little bit flattered.

You're a little bit glad because the bitch had it commin'.

I know you.

This blog will go away in the next month. When it comes back, it will be a darker perspective of those daily events that make us the beasts we are.  We'll talk about what the shadow knew.

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